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Just thought I'd post

I can see this LJ is pretty dead but I though I'd make a feeble attempt at resurrecting it.

I went out on the road this summer and worked for the "World of Wonders" Sideshow. We played fairs just like they did in the old days.

I'd like to talk more about sideshows with other people if anyone shows up.
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Maybe it will get going, I hope.

I started out working at the snake charmer on the bally stage. I was holding a big, heavy Burmese Python. He was about 11ft long and weighed, oh, 50lbs. Later, I started working the inside show and learned all the acts. Hell, I had six months to do it. It was like sideshow boot camp. Not one of those wussy workshops.

We had a snake girl illusion but never used it.

Did you work in a single-o or a full on sideshow. Who did you work for?

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We did our first show with Amusements of America in Meadowlands NJ.

At a couple of our stops there was a snake girl illusion although they weren't very good. You could tell what it was. I miss the sideshow, I wish I could go out with them again. I would if I didn't have to live in the bunkhouse again.

Ye gawds, 6 months in a closet. Never again.

One the the snake girl illusions was hiring and people still join on while the carnival is on the road. I did have a lot of fun. I met lots of cool people out there I really miss them and it's sad to know I'll probably never see them again.