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County Fair


For immediate release:

John Louis and the Pickled Brothers Sideshow present: The Carnival of Wonders!

Appearing at the Hamilton County Fair, August 4-8 in Cincinnati, Ohio!
  • See the sword swallower!

  • Be mesmerized by the fire-eater!

  • See a man pound a 6-inch spike into the center of his skull!</li>
    Be amazed by massive reptiles!</li>
  • Thrill to the sight of a man crushed by 1,000 pounds into a bed of nails!

  • Much, much more!

This show is fun for the whole family and appropriate for all ages.

Tickets start at just $2 for adults and $1 for children. Crowd right up and Gloria will take your money. Be sure to look down so you don’t miss her, she’s less than 4 feet tall, folks!

For more info, or if you would like to audition to be in the sideshow, contact John Louis at 859-322-5797 or Travis Fessler at 859-916-5401.

For more information about, or for directions to the Hamilton County Fair, please visit or call at 513- 761-4224.

See you at the circus!
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